Little Biscuit House for Christmas

My daughter made this adorable little biscuit house at school and I thought it was such a lovely idea for a kids' Christmas activity or home-made gift that I'd share it here.

You can see that she has used Iced VoVos,  Hundreds and Thousands biscuits, various cream wafers and sponge fingers for the walls, roof and floor.  I'm sure that you could substitute any square or rectangular biscuits/cookies, either commercial or home-made.  

The chimney is made out of a licorice allsort cut on the diagonal and the bushes out front are spearmint leaves.

The 'glue' that binds the house together is a simple icing made out of icing (confectioner's) sugar and water.  The girls piped the icing on using piping bags made out of cones of baking paper with the corner snipped off.  An extra dusting of icing sugar made snow for the roof.

I had never seen a biscuit house like this before.  I love it when my kids teach me something new!

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