Our Trip to Sydney

Even though I grew up it Sydney it has been lovely to spend time there as a tourist over the past couple of weeks.  Every time I visit I gain a new appreciation for the exquisite beauty of the harbourside city, but also for the terrible traffic and the overwhelming number of people who live there.

Our trip began with my little brother's wedding. The ceremony was held in a park on the harbour and the reception at the restaurant next door.  The sky was overcast when we arrived but this quickly changed to glorious Sydney sunshine.  

What a wonderful night we had!  It was an absolute joy to welcome my new sister-in-law into the family, and to see my extended family again.  Having only lived in Adelaide for two years, it was marvellous to be able to talk with people I have known longer than that, people who know my history and who love my family and me unconditionally.

The view from the park.  In the distance you can just see Centrepoint tower, a Sydney landmark.

The beautiful bride with her father...

Signing the register.

Later in the week we rode the River Cat into the city to show the kids the sights.  We were escorted by my husband's sister and her three kids.  After a picnic in the Royal Botanical Gardens we walked to Darling Harbour where we visited the Aquarium.

The Opera House

Brolgas dancing at Darling Harbour
Oh my! A chocolate sundae from the Lindt Cafe.

For us out-of-towners it was wonderful to have a Christmas where we could spend time with both sides of the family.  These biscuits were a gift from my husband's niece, who baked and decorated them.

After our week in Sydney we drove to Canberra for a few days' break.  A highlight was a visit to the Australian War Memorial.  This is not just a monument but a fabulous and poignant museum, the best museum in Australia, I think.  I could easily spend days in there.
Simpson and his Donkey

The War Memorial
Looking from the War Memorial across to Parliament House

We're back home now and I'm happily getting dirt under my fingernails in the garden again.  Today I picked the first zucchinis and made a cheesy zucchini slice for tea.  I added in some diced ham and it was delicious!

Thank you for sharing 2010 with me.  May you all have a magnificent year in 2011!

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