Stormy Weather

I stood outside for ten minutes trying to get a photo of the thunder storm raging around me, to no avail, so I have borrowed a photo online for this post.

It was lovely outside; cool and breezy and wet.

Like most of the rest of Australia, it seems, Adelaide is having a wetter than usual December.  That is not saying much, mind you.  Today was the wettest December day in Adelaide since 1936 and  we only got 43 mm of rain (a bit under two inches).  I know many parts of Australia can easily double or triple this figure in a day.

 Personally, I am thrilled about the rain.  It gives me confidence that none of the fruit trees I planted over winter will die from lack of water.  It gives me confidence that my new vegie patch will survive.  The cooler weather is exquisite after the extreme heat of the past few summers.

The weather today reminds me of summer weather during my childhood in Sydney: hot and muggy, then a storm that clears the air and makes everything fresh and clean for the new day.

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