The Correct Way to Wash Dishes

 My dishwasher (electric, not husband!) is out of action, which means that I have been washing lots of dishes by hand lately.  Hence this post.

From America's Housekeeping Book, 1941.

How to Wash Dishes

1.Prepare hot soapsuds

2.Wash in any preferred order.  The usual order is:
       a) Glassware
       b) Silver
       c) Dishes
       d) Cooking utensils

3. Change the suds frequently.  Dirty water won't make the dishes clean.

4. Stack the dishes in the dish drainer as they are washed.

5. Rinse immediately with hot, not scalding, water so that soapy water won't dry on the dishes.  A spray attachment for the faucet (tap) makes easy work of this.

6. Dry glassware and silver with clean, lintless towels.  If dishes are rinsed with hot water they will dry by themselves and can be put away at your convenience.
Kate's tip:  Scrape all your dishes first with a cake scraper or spatula, then hopefully you will only need one sinkful of soapy water to wash all your dishes.  Very environmentally friendly!

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