On My Bike

Over the past couple of weeks I have started to commute to work by bicycle and I absolutely love it.

Although I am not particularly fit and had not ridden a bike for years, I am still enjoying travelling by bike more than by car.  I travel into the city for work, so if I drive I have to pay for parking as well as the cost of petrol.  When I ride my bike I save money and get some much needed exercise and fresh air. 

I bought an Apollo Cruiser bike which I find to be very comfortable to ride and easy to manage.  It only has three gears, but that is all I need.  My trip is only about 4 or 5km each way, depending on the route I take, so it's easily manageable for a novice rider.  I am also starting to use the bike for other short, local trips as well. 

Even my children are impressed that their exercise-averse mother is riding a bike - and they now have no excuse not to exercise themselves!

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