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Alkaline food recipes are not limited to main dishes only. They cut across all aspects of a meal, including desserts, salads, garnishes for dishes and drinks. As a general guide, a good alkaline recipe is one that comprises 80% of alkaline foods. There is no harm if some fatty foods make up 20%. This means that you have to limit their consumption of meat and dairy products, sweeteners, processed carbohydrates and sugars, fats and caffeine.

Here is a recipe for a smoothie you can enjoy:

Ingredients: Raw Brazil Nuts (soaked 4 hours)
raw nuts (soaked 8 hours)
Dried dates (soaked 20 minutes)
½ cup water

Procedure: Mix all ingredients until smooth and serve. You can garnish with chopped walnuts and Brazil nuts. You can also replace the water, either with almond milk or soy milk.

One great thing about alkaline recipes is that ingredients can be swapped at will. If you're making savory vegetable mixture, for example, you can throw on your favorite herbs and seed sprouts as they please, provided they are hot or mild. If making a sweet sauce or smoothie, a variety of fresh nuts and fruits may be used at will. The flavors tend to blend in well when mixed thoroughly.

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