Autumn Vegetable Garden: May 2011

This is the first autumn that I have had a vegetable garden in Adelaide and I am amazed at how long my summer plants are lasting.

The eggplants and cherry tomatoes are still fruiting, although growth is slower than a month or two ago.  Even more surprising is that the basil plants haven't blackened off yet, despite some very cold nights.

I'm thinking about leaving the eggplant and capsicum plants in the ground until next summer to see if they will produce for a second year.  Have you ever done this?  Was it successful?

Apart from the remains of my summer planting, I have planted out some seeds and seedlings of winter vegetables such as lettuces, beets, turnips, swedes, broccoli and broad beans.  The tricky part is keeping the chooks from digging them up.

What are you growing in your garden this May?

Jap pumpkin


iceberg lettuce in a planter

cherry tomatoes


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