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Bengali food is a cuisine which dates back to ancient principles of Buddhism. It consists of the kitchen in West Bengal, part of India and East Bengal, which forms part of Bangladesh. In early Buddhist writings century Bengali 10 and 11, speaks of the abundance of products that may result from good farming.

Although rice is a staple throughout Bengal, there are two different styles of Bengali cuisine. Food In East Bengal, there is a strong emphasis on fish and dal (a spicy stew of beans that is one of the pillars of the area). The food of West Bengal is characterized by liberal use of poppy seeds.

Much of the flavor of Bengali food comes from the plant of the mustard and mustard oil. Mustard is used in three ways: The oil used to fry foods, greens are used as a cooked vegetable, and seeds are crushed to make a hot spice.

Fish and shrimp are common in kitchens. West Bengal usually get their fish raised on farms in the estuaries, while East Bengal to get the most fish of the great rivers of the region.

This recipe for fish stew with ingredients and cooking techniques common to both East and West Bengal, and is very popular in kitchens. Bengali Many cooks add a few vegetables for the dish, such as eggplant and potatoes in small cubes that are. Some ingredients have been modified to suit Western availability.

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