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The soups are very popular in Bulgaria, there is no free lunch soup. In summer, the most popular is a cold soup called tarator ', made from yogurt, water, cucumber, dill, garlic, walnuts and a pinch of salt. The tourists also find it very refreshing.

For the rest of the year include:

1) "Zelev chorba '(a soup of cabbage and fatty meat, rice and pepper and a bitter taste that makes him unpopular among foreigners),' Kurban agneshka chorba '(of Turkish origin, boiled mutton soup )

2) "shkembe '(the most popular soup in the country, consisting of corns, milk, water and spices, is a very very good medicine for hangovers and should be consumed cold red pepper, garlic and vinegar).

The latter have the same strange names and even more flavorful than soups.

'Sarmi lozovlist' and 'zelevi Sarmi "both consist of a mixture of minced meat and rice wrapped in leaves - leaves of grape wine from the previous sheets and sauerkraut in the second. Sometimes they are cooked without meat!

Brought to Bulgaria for centuries, 'moussaka' is a Greek dish. In general, from baked potatoes and ground beef, but sometimes the eggplant is used as a substitute for potatoes. There is also a vegetarian option.

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