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Caribbean food recipes are very interesting to me because they are usually a mixture of ingredients Europeans, Africans and Asians. Food Caribbean history is closely linked to the slave trade, and as a result, many foods were transplanted to Caribbean islands African slaves. Over time, slavery was abolished, and instead, staff members recruited from India and China were transported to the Caribbean for the additional labor. The end result is that many traditional Caribbean food has influences from countries around the world.

A typical dish of the Antilles may include steamed fish with rice and beans. The side dishes may include callaloo, donuts, or bread. Of course, the fish comes from the warm waters of the Caribbean. However, rice is native to China, red beans are in South America, the callaloo is originally from West Africa, made with flour fritters are the Middle East, and here is native to the Pacific Islands.

Steamed fish
The most important thing I like the traditional food is about freshness Cayman. When I steamed fish in local cuisine, was literally caught in the morning, seasoned and prepared to perfection. My husband and I were common in the kitchen when we lived in Heritage West Bay.

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