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Today spices are still an integral part of Southern cuisine. As the saying goes, "if they have the right taste ... it's a loss." This statement could not ring more true than when talking about soul food. The only drawback to the then health problems come from the past. The traditional dishes of the season was the use of pork products. For example, in recent cooks use bacon, chopped ham, bacon and sausages, seasonal vegetables such as collard greens, cabbage, black-eyed peas and beans to name a few.

These flavoring agents later shown an increased risk of medical problems such as obesity, hypertension and other diseases. Because of this risk more creative cooking and preparation methods have emerged. One of the biggest changes is the use of more natural spices, herbs and spices to give flavor to traditional soul food recipes. The results continue to improve the health of consumers.

These changes continue to revive the popularity of this cuisine in the eyes of the health conscious community. People who love food, but have to watch their diets for health reasons, to find the change refreshing. The "Healthy condiments" trend continues to play an important role in changing the concept of what is now known as healthy food for the soul. This idea responds to the growing need for consumers seeking the best of both worlds, good taste and healthy eating.

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