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Dinner is the meal that most backpackers backpacker set and truly enjoy. Once you have set up camp for the night and settled into a hot meal and plenty revitalize your body and prepare for another active day of hiking.

Sushi backpackers

Cook instant rice 1 cup boiling water.

Cut nori (seaweed sushi rolls found in the international grocery store or sections) in the quarter

Place a spoonful of rice on the nori and add a spoonful of tuna from foil packet

Roll the sushi and dip in wasabi, horseradish, or soy sauce (to carry packages)

Seafood Pasta

Cook ½ package pasta (fettuccini, tortellini, etc)

Heat a little olive oil, salt and garlic with salmon or tuna (foil pack)

Toss with the Parmesan and enjoy!

Change: chicken (canned) and sun-dried tomatoes

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