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Uttar Pradesh (Northern State) was the largest state of India. A diverse and multicultural base of the state offers a range of flavors and tastes in gourmet food. From dishes Mughali rustic authentic taste of kebabs and biryanis (preparation of rice) Cuisine of Uttar Pradesh, is rich, stimulating and delicious.

India's food, especially foods of Uttar Pradesh, is similar to the patterns of Middle Eastern cooking and Central Asia. It consists of two non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, the most important influence in this kitchen is Mughali, referring to the cooking techniques used by people at the time of the Mughal Empire.

While most of the recipes of northern India have a common thread that unites them, Uttar Pradesh cuisine is no different. s dishes like Punjabi and Kashmiri food, the state? the use of lamb, paneer (cottage cheese) and spices to taste especially rich saffron (Kesar) and cardamom. Some of the most popular and famous dishes of Uttar Pradesh include celebrities such as snacks? Samosa,? ? Pakora? (Fritters),? Kachoris? and entrees including Nawabi food as lamb biryani, kebabs (Shami, Kakori, Pasand etc.) and few fish preparations (Zamin Doz Macchli etc).

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