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One of the most important people in the confectionery industry is John Cadbury. Is it even need to say what the company started? Before the confectionery giant Cadbury became John began his soon to be thousands of millions of industry selling tea, coffee and drinking chocolate. His love for sweets ignited his passion for bringing the best chocolates in the world. Thanks to him there now Cadbury products in the section on selecting and mixing sweet sweet my favorite shops.

Another important figure in the confectionery industry are the brothers Oliver R. and Silas Edwin Chase. These two types are the founders of the New England Candy Company or more commonly known as Necco. They are the inventors of the candy machine in America first and later created several mechanisms for making sweets like candy assortments in the selection and blending.

Every fan should know confectionery Walter Richard Fox He is the founder of Fox confectionery, a confectionery company based in Leicester UK. The confectionery giant company started as a grocery wholesale confectionery business and humble in 1880.

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