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Ever have those days when you search in vain for dinner? I have those days all the time. Not sure if it's because I cook for a living, or is it because I've eaten. I miss those times when the decision was made for you. Maybe that's the problem? I have problems with decision making. My husband and I never seem to agree on what to eat. I feed people all day, and there is never a gray area of ​​what I'm doing, as soon as it happened to my mom and women dress, all his skill to make a decision flies out the window.

What baffles me is the over abundance of choice, one is confronted at the supermarket. I will use the cereal aisle, for example. Low fat, no fat, low sugar, no sugar, no gluten no dairy, calcium-free, extra-added, high-fiber, low fiber, all natural and last but not least organic. Do you see the madness? That's just the cereal aisle, there are at least 12 other shelves in sight. Somehow, I think that has been handling most of our food supply has resulted in the diet of many illnesses related to this day. I wonder about the line, when we have mastered these diseases and alternative food choices, you create another problem in different area.

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