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This refers to the poison of Food Network, the network indirectly responsible for almost everything that ails us. If you accepted a few weeks ago, expecting to gain weight this season - regardless - you're probably right. Man, you've got cable.

If you are not eating organic as much as possible, you're in trouble. In the eighties, the buzz was just starting over genetically modified foods, (the new Food Network), and if we know the difference. Fast forward to today, almost every product in every store has some kind of "change" as if nature needs improvement. Are not bananas only the perfect fruit, complete with its own case for transport? I needed to "fit"? All for profit.

The problem is that nobody knows the effect of all this manipulation. I can see a clear, everyone seems to be fat. It is very easy. Maize, which has become a main ingredient in damn near everything has been modified to contain as much sugar and starch, which can hardly eat. Corn on the cob tastes like dust. Food Network venom produces islands and islets of empty calories in your local market.

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