Getting Out of the Car Habit

Ever since I started travelling to work by bicycle I have been driving my car a lot less.  It's not just the work trips: I'm less inclined to drive my car anywhere.

For example, on Thursday I rode my bike to work and back home again.  I work a short day each Thursday so I was home by about 2 o'clock.  I then realised that I needed to put a cheque in the bank, and even though rain was threatening, instead of taking the car I walked to the bank.  

I didn't really think about it at the time, but after I came back home I realised that in the past I wouldn't even have considered walking to the bank.  I can't believe how many short trips I have driven in my life, when I could easily have walked.

The advantages of riding a bicycle or walking short trips instead of driving are enormous.  You become much more aware of the world around you.  You can smile and say g'day to others who are out and about.  Your level of fitness will improve.  And of course, you'll save petrol, which is good for your bank balance.

Of course, I still drive sometimes.  For instance, I haven't worked out how to manage a weekly grocery shop for six people on my bicycle yet, although I know if I had to I could do multiple trips on the bike.  I am wary of cycling at night as it doesn't feel safe, even with flashing lights on the bike.  And kids' sporting events are often too far away, and travelled via really busy roads, to make them safe for this nervous bike-riding mother and her children.

However, I often arrive at the weekend to discover that I haven't use the car since the previous weekend.  I am saving money and getting fitter in the process.  And it feels so easy.

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