How to Darn Your Woollens

Darning is not something anyone does by choice, but unfortunately I recently had to get out my darning needle and thread.

Chilled by the recent cold weather, I put on a jumper only to discover that the moths had been feasting on it over the summer.  There were three holes in one sleeve.

I have never really learn to darn; usually I just sew up any holes in a straight line - with varying success.  However, this time I decided to try the method recommended in Make Do and Mend: Keeping Family and Home Afloat on War Rations, a book of wartime pamphlets.

This woven method leads to a much stronger darn than the method I usually employ, and the result is quite neat, although the spots where the holes were look a little puckered - probably due to my lack of expertise rather than the method itself.

Anyhow, I now have a jumper that should last a few more winters - although perhaps I should invest in some mothballs.

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