A Strangely Empty Nest

The house has felt strangely empty over the past few days.  Miss 14 has been in Melbourne visiting friends and the two eldest boys are away on a camping trip.  Suddenly, and for the first time in over 14 years, there is only one child at home.

Of course, our second-grader is thrilled to be an only child for a day or two.  He happily laps up all the extra parental attention and lack of competition over games and computer equipment. And I love having him all to myself.

However, I really miss the older kids, despite all the noise and chaos they bring with them.  And I have very little idea how NOT to cook for a crowd.

This quiet house is a sign of things to come.  One of these days we will be proper empty-nesters looking back fondly on our busy family life.

I hope that day doesn't come too soon!

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