Cooking Up a Storm

Last night I cooked and cooked in preparation for my in-laws visiting this weekend.  I made Gran's little cheese biscuits and a boiled fruitcake and shortbread and a sherry trifle.  I made meatballs to be cooked later today in a tomato sauce. I also made chicken stock from the bones of the roast chicken we ate earlier in the week.  The house smells wonderful.

I felt that I was channeling my grandmother, although Gran would probably not have made meatballs.  I think she would more likely have cooked a roast and a clear vegetable soup for guests.

This morning I will make lemony leeks with rice for a side dish and whip cream for the top of the trifle.  I'll warm the crusty bread I bought yesterday and make pumpkin soup with the chicken stock and one of the pumpkins I grew last summer and stored in the cellar. I might even bake a batch of scones, if time allows.  And of course, the whole family can help straighten up the house in readiness.

I have probably over-catered, but I always do.  I like my guests to have plenty to eat. Indeed, it's not really possible to over-cater with teenagers in the house.  They'll Hoover up any leftovers in no time at all.

Do you over-cater for guests?

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