Picnic Food Recipes | Wah Re Wah Food Recipe

Cook the picnic is a lot harder than cooking at home. For home cooking, kitchen offers enough space and various utensils. For your picnic, if you take the food cooking on your own, you need to make good preparation. This means that you should make a good preparation at home. In this article, I would like to offer recipes for picnic.

Pan-fried steak

Home Preparation: Pickle fillet of beef with wine, salt, yellow egg and starch. Place the steak in the food container sealed. Before frying, pickling is almost ready. You can use your own efforts steak sauce. To make the sauce, just heat the oil and add tomato sauce, chile sauce and sugar and mix evenly. You can fill out the sauce in the bottle.

Outdoor cooking: Heat the oil in the baking pan and fry both sides of the steak until it turns gold, then you can pour the sauce made the meat itself.

Grilled meat

Home Preparation: Prepare the onions, sliced ​​carrots, sliced ​​mushrooms and put them in the food bowl. Cut meat into slices (the thinner are preferred) and make the sauce (self-made or store-bought) with you.

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