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The holy month of Ramadan also has a great impact on the Muslim culture. In many countries, people make special arrangements to pray together and listen Holy Quran is recited in prayers. Special food is prepared to break the fast each day.

Although Muslims fast during this month, but also brought a wonderful diversity of food served during iftar (the meal eaten to break the fast early in the afternoon prayer). In Pakistan, this time of day has important cultural significance. People return home from work early to meet with their families in the Iftar dinner. Ramadan Special Recipes are prepared and served. These recipes Ramadan varies from one country to another. Since Muslims are spread throughout the world for what their local customs and cuisine also affect your recipes and menu Iftar dinner.

In India, Ramadan recipes are very similar to Pakistan Ramadan recipes. Samosa and Pakory are common in both countries. Another common recipe is a recipe for Fruit Chaat, which is served fruit salad with spices and sugar. Ramadan Recipes vary from one country to another, even within a single country such as Pakistan, people from different ethnic backgrounds to prepare their recipes for Ramadan differently after their usual local cuisine and using local ingredients.

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