Vita Top Vitalicious Giveaway

It can't all be about cooking, right? Sometimes I need a healthy snack that is already there with no prep.  Vitatops are perfect for a quick healthy snack.

Vitalicious has offered one of my readers a super sample pack of delicious Vitatops! Have you heard of these before? If not, you're missing out! They totally rock! The triple chocolate fudge is probably my favorite but really, I love them all. I have not found one that I avoid or don't care for. They are all super tasty! The cornbread muffins are awesome with chili, I buy those all the time. Seriously, for 100 calories, there is no way I could make something that tasty. I have to fight my 12 year old for the chocolate mint ones, he totally loves them.

Not only are they tasty, they are super filling, nutritious and only 100 calories. Everyone is on the 100 calorie bandwagon and I've tried them all. There is not ONE 100 calorie snack that is as filling as this in my opinion. Not to mention, if you have a chocolate craving, this does the trick. The chocolate ones are REALLY chocolaty, they satisfy the most intense cravings. Let's not get started on the brownies, oh my. 100 calories and insanely awesome. And not tiny, they are very decent portions.

So here's the deal, I recommend you check out and order some of these tasty vitatops. They do sell them in some grocery stores but I think they are slightly more expensive and they don't have near the variety.

To Enter: CLOSED will be giving one of my readers a super sample pack. Check out the super sample pack online and leave me comment letting me know which one sounds the best to you. I can't wait to try the Pumpkin Spice! That's a new one!

I will pick a winner randomly on August 26th so make sure I have an email address to contact you!

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