Eight Ideas for Holiday Candy Cane Decorations

When the candy canes come out, it's a sure sign that the holidays are near. Unlike nowadays, there used to be just one type of Christmas candy. These candies, colored red and white striped and peppermint flavored, are always a wonderful holiday treat.

More so than being delicious, candy canes were also hung on the Christmas tree and eaten when the job of opening presents was done. Now this Christmas treat has become decorations for many other places, and are much more than just tasty snacks. Listed below are eight of the best ways we have seen to decorate with candy canes.


1) Design a wreath made of candy. If you're looking for a change from the usual green boughs and red ribbons, make a peppermint candy wreath for your front door of your home or office. Small peppermint canes are the best choice for this as they can be bunched and hooked together to form a circle. Our favorite peppermint treats are always a nice addition to a traditional wreath made with almost any material.

2) Use them as a centerpiece! The vivid colors of candy canes make them fine decorations for any table or desk. A nice jar with a few treats sticking out would make a fine holiday centerpiece. You'll have a few disappear, so have some spares around.

3) Add decorations to the candy canes - they are the basis for many Christmas craft projects; turn them into reindeer with a pipe cleaner, some felt, some glue, and googly eyes and they'll fit in just about anywhere!

4) Create a holiday tree garland. Candy canes can go onto your tree in many ways, not just hanging from the branches. Several candy sticks and some ribbon will make a wonderful garland for your Christmas tree.

5) Candy canes are a great for "Santa's sleigh" made of gingerbread. They have the right shape to make great runners for St. Nick's sleigh

6) They can also make good aisle markers. Candy canes are available in different flavors and in various sizes. Purchase two in the largest size available, and they can become posts for an entranceway, a path, or a hallway.

7) Candy canes can be great parts of a gingerbread village. They have many uses when they are included in a gingerbread village. They are also ideal for making lamp posts, fences, trees, or even road borders.

8) Make a "Welcome Bowl". At the office, remember to have the welcoming bowl of small Christmas treats. Everyone loves the peppermint taste, and the sweets bowl helps remind people of the giving spirit of the season.

There are so many different ways to use candy canes throughout the season. This list barely covers the possibilities! Sweet delicacies like these are also a major part of any decorating plans for the holidays.

Eight Ideas for Holiday Candy Cane Decorations

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