Kangaroo Island

We have just spent a delightful week holidaying on Kangaroo Island.  We were there with a purpose - our second son was representing his school in the 2012 South Australian Schools Sailing Championship.  

Despite being fairly busy supporting - and continually feeding - our team of young sailors, we still found time to do some sightseeing.  We visited a honey farm, a eucalyptus farm and a sheep dairy.   We watched the fairy penguins, dodged the wild kangaroos on the road, did a spot of fishing (without a catch, unfortunately) and some of us even swam in the ocean (very, very cold!) Less pleasantly, we discovered that petrol sells for $1.90 per litre at Vivonne Bay - ye-ouch!

Here are some of the many glorious sights of Kangaroo Island.
Sea lions at Seal Bay: the dark ones are male and the lighter grey ones are the girls

The boardwalk at Seal Bay

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