30 Days of Thrifty Tips

A frugal person isn't mean, nor austere, nor stingy, nor a miser, nor a skinflint, but careful, economical in the use of resources and money, saving, prudent and cautious, always looking for value.  The Scots have a word for it - canny .... Frugal people waste not, want not;  they cut their coats according to their cloth; they believe enough is as good as a feast; they try to make ends meet and they simplify, simplify!
                                                    Keith and Irene Smith, The New Hard Times Handbook, 1999

With the aim of sharing some insights I have gleaned over the years - and also to help get myself back into the habit of blogging - tomorrow I am going to begin a series called 30 Days of Thrifty Tips.

Every day in June I will publish a new tip or idea for thrifty living.  I will share successes (and failures) in my own life.  Throughout the month I would love to hear your ideas, whether you agree or disagree with my opinions.

I look forward to sharing my 30 Days of Thrifty Tips with you!

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