Autumn Garden: May 2012

 My May garden looks tired and brown around the edges.  It's looking forward to a winter rest.

Some of the roses are still flowering, but not with the happy abundance of a few months ago.  The leaves on the most of the fruit trees are fading, preparing to fall.  Only the citrus trees look happy and bright, promising a good winter harvest.

 Most of the main vegie patch is taken up by ripening pumpkins.  After I bring the pumpkins indoors, I'll dig the beds over then leave them for a month or two - at least, that's the plan.  Usually I can't resist popping in a few lettuces and extra broad beans to keep things ticking over until spring.

Jap pumpkin

bok choy in flower


A jungle of rocket

Mint in flower

A tenacious eggplant bush, still flowering

Tired marigolds; dill and parsley

Horseradish nearly ready to dig up

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