Essential Edibles Urban Orchard, May 2012

On the first Sunday of each month I meet with other locals at a nearby park to participate in Essential Edibles Urban Orchard.  Everyone brings along something that they have grown or made, then at 10 o'clock we swap and share.  No money changes hands and nobody goes home empty-handed.

What amazes me every time I attend, is the variety of backyard produce that people bring along to swap and share.

This month there were cherry tomatoes, red roses, Jerusalem artichokes, mint, parsley, thyme, basil, various types of chillies, persimmons, tangelos, rocket, apples, eggplants, bok choy and warrigal greens - and all were grown in backyards in the local area.

Essential Edibles Urban Orchard is an initiative of Sustainable Communities SA.  You can find out more at our Facebook page here.

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