Hot Dog, Ham and Cheese Grilled Cheese

Remember the Food Network Cookbook that I reviewed awhile back? Well, my daughter was paging through the awesome recipes and she spotted this sandwich and fell in love.  I admit, I was at first a little grossed out by making a hot dog grilled cheese sandwich like this.  I'm also not a huge hot dog fan. 

I let her run with it and it turned out really well.  All three of my kids loved it.  The boys ate theirs without mustard though. It sorta reminded me of a Cuban. Only with hotdog.  If you're looking for a way to jazz up your hot dogs this summer, this might be a fun way to do it!! 

Hot Dog, Ham & Cheese Grilled Cheese Recipe
Adapted from Food Network Magazine, 1000 Easy Recipes

1 hot dog
2 slices thinly slices ham
cheese (I used colby jack)
bread or roll (I used a Arnold Select sandwich thin)

Split cooked hot dog in half and then in half again.  Spread one side of bread with butter.  Spread the other side with a thin layer of mustard.  Place both sides of the bread on a hot pan, butter side down.  Quickly layer with cheese, pickles, hot dog, ham and then more cheese.  Cook for a couple of minutes until both sides of the bread are toasted.  Flip the other side of the bread on top of the sandwich and remove.  Enjoy.

**You can also use a panini press for this, I would have but I don't have one.

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