30 Days of Thrifty Tips: The Complete List

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Now that we have reached the end of June, my series of 30 Days of Thrifty Tips is drawing to a close.

I have really enjoyed writing the 25 tips I published over the past month, and I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

As I said back at the start of the month, one of my purposes in writing the series was to get me back into the habit of blogging.  And I'm happy to say that I feel I've got my blogging mojo back.

I've listed the entire series of tips below.  Happy reading!
  1. Decide what is important to you
  2. Track your spending
  3. Live abundantly
  4. Become a student of history
  5. Know what you have
  6. Reduce car use
  7. Get to know your neighbours
  8. Make every second month a spend-free month
  9. Simplify your shopping list
  10. Make your own cleaning products
  11. Reduce energy consumption
  12. Grow your own food
  13. Preserve your excess
  14. Make a pot of soup each week
  15. Use found items
  16. Plan your menus
  17. Use your library
  18. Swap and share kids clothes
  19. Make do and mend
  20. Avoid products with consumable parts
  21. Avoid shopping
  22. Cook in bulk
  23. Ride a bike
  24. Holiday at (or near) home
  25. Join or start a babysitting club

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