Almond Mice

My daughter has been wanting to make these for a long time.  She got a cookbook from a friend full of desserts and she has post it notes marking many pages. We needed to bring something to a potluck and she immediately pulled her cookbook out and wanted to make these. They seemed easy enough and she did most of the work. 

They turned out adorable and everyone loved them!  We thought about putting tails of them but decide they probably wouldn't stay on so we didn't.  We also had trouble finding the silver balls for the eyes.  My kids went to the store for the ingredients and called me saying that they couldn't find silver balls anywhere in the decorations.  We ended up just using a small tip and dotting the eyes on. It wasn't as pretty as they could have been but they still were adorable and fun.   

Almond Mice

5 oz. semisweet chocolate chips
6 tbsp. heavy cream
1 cup Oreo crumbs**
1/3 cup confectioners sugar
Silver balls for decorating
Flaked almonds for decorating
Red licorice for decorating ( I didn't use)

Melt the chocolate with the cream in a double boiler.  Mix in the chocolate wafer crumbs until well blended.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour until firm.  Form the dough into balls the desired shape.  I rolled mine into balls and then just elongated one side for the "nose".  Roll half the balls in the confectioners sugar until well blended.  Decorate with sliver balls for the eyes, almonds for the ears and a small length of licorice for the tail.

**I made 2 batches, one with the cream filling in the Oreos and one without the cream filling.  There wasn't a whole lot of difference, both held together fine.  The one with the cream filling were just a bit sweeter. 

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