Thrifty Tip #14: Make a Pot of Soup Each Week

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 This tip was suggested by a friend and it's a very good one.

Soups can be hearty and very filling, yet are usually very economical to make.  They are a great way of using up a glut from the vegetable garden or for taking advantage of cheap seasonal produce.  Soup usually reheats well, so is a great stand-by for dinner on busy nights.

Over the past couple of months I have made a big pot of soup every Sunday.  I take a container of home-made soup to work each day during the week and heat it in the office microwave for lunch.  As my office kitchen also has a sandwich toaster, I also take a couple of slices of bread and some cheese and make a hot toastie to have with my soup.  This is much cheaper and healthier than buying my lunch each day.

Do you make soup?  What is your favourite kind?

This post is part of my series, Thirty Days of Thrifty Tips.

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