Thrifty Tip #18: Swap and Share Kids' Clothes

I have saved a great deal amount of money over the years either by keeping my older kids' clothes for the younger ones, or by gratefully accepting outgrown clothes from other people.

In particular, just before we left Melbourne a friend rang to say that she would like to drop off some clothes that would fit my younger boys.  As I was busy decluttering for our move to Adelaide, I was rather unwilling to accept her offer, but eventually she just showed up at my house.  And boy am I glad she did!

This kind lady had bags full of brand-name boys' clothes, some with the labels still on, that she had bought on sale for her two boys.  However, her sons had outgrown the clothes before they had time to wear them. 

I was very happy to accept these clothes and many of them have been well-worn now.  Any of the clothes my boys didn't like have been passed on to others.

My daughter has not had as many hand-downs as the boys, but she did receive many clothes from an adored friend in Melbourne who was a few years older.

How do I store excess clothes?  Because my two younger boys share a room and have limited space, I store excess clothes in a large old suitcase in the garage.  I get the suitcase out once or twice a year to swap over clothes.

I don't think there is any shame at all in accepting hand-down clothes, or indeed, any other goods for babies and children.  Hand-downs can save a lot of money, and little kids in particular don't care where their clothes come from.

Do you accept hand-downs for your children?

This post is part of my series, Thirty Days of Thrifty Tips.

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