Thrifty Tip #22: Cook in Bulk

Do you cook in bulk?

By cooking in bulk we can save time and save on fuel costs.  We can reduce the temptation to buy takeaway meals on busy weeknights, which saves money.

I have found preparing food in bulk to be very helpful, especially as a busy mum who works four days each week.

On the weekend I usually spend a few hours preparing food for the week.  I often bake cakes or slices for school snacks, make a big pot of soup, and prepare a couple of dishes that will last longer than one night.

For example, tonight I marinated enough chicken to last for two days and soaked chickpeas to make a double batch of felafels tomorrow.  Tomorrow I plan to make the felafels, a pot of vegetable soup, a carrot cake and scones.  I will also roast a chicken for dinner that will provide meat for sandwiches, and make a leek gratin that should last a couple of days as a side dish.

This post is part of my series, Thirty Days of Thrifty Tips.

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