Unique Ways to Display Your Candy

Whether you operate a convenience store, grocery store, and gift shop, if you're in the business of selling any amount of candy you also should be in the business of displaying that candy in creative, unique ways.

Candy is popular worldwide, and customers generally don't need any persuasion when it comes to purchasing it; however, visually appealing candy displays are more likely to catch your customers' attention and increase your candy sales.


Create Candy Displays with Plastic Containers or Glass Jars
Unless your sweet and sour merchandise only consists of candy bars or bags of candy, you need containers for your candy displays. Probably the two most popular kinds of candy containers are plastic containers and glass jars.
Both are available in various sizes and shapes and are reusable, and each offer their own special perks:
  • Plastic containers are extremely durable and available in an assortment of colors, which makes creating a unique candy display even easier.
  • Glass containers are more easily breakable, but offer an elegant "feel" to your candy display that plastic containers generally can't accomplish.
Keep in mind that if you're planning to display unwrapped candies, you should look for food grade candy containers with scoops customers can use to access the candy and lids to keep the candy clean in between customers.
Discover the Versatility of Candy Display Racks
Candy display racks fit no one mold - there are numerous kinds for you to choose from!
  • Think about the amount of space your store allows you to work with, as well as the amount of candy you want to display, and then choose floor racks, countertop racks, or a mix of both styles.
  • Consider your store's theme or overall look. Wire display racks, for example, are available in classic colors like white, black, and red. And, if you're using accessories like plastic containers on your display racks, clear will match every theme while colored containers will add visual appeal.
  • Determine your store's environment. Fast-paced businesses like convenience stores and gas stations often choose sturdy, wire display racks for showcasing candy, while slower-paced, charming stores like specialty shops often like using wooden display racks.

Have Fun with Pre-Filled Candy Displays
If you don't think you're creative enough to arrange your own attractive candy displays, or you simply just don't have the time, maybe you should take a look at pre-filled candy displays. These kinds of displays are available in a wide variety of designs and perfect for everything from gumballs and lollipops to bags of candy and candy bars.
You can find gumball machines, lollipop trees or racks, and wire displays all pre-filled with candy and perfect for floor or countertop displays. Also available are sizable candy displays designed to line your store's walls, act as focal points in the center of your store, or even function as aisles.
Some of these pre-filled candy displays also break away from the norm and are available in unique designs. For example, you can find gumball machines resembling rocket ships and acrylic lollipop displays in interesting shapes.
Unique Ways to Display Your Candy
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