Drying Laundry Indoors

I am constantly trying to:
  1. Reduce my utility bills
  2. Live more sustainably
These goals means avoiding using my electric clothes dryer whenever possible.

In the warmer months it is easy to peg out all the family's laundry on our outdoor clothesline - I think of it as my solar-powered, evaporative clothes dryer!  However, in winter the days are too short and it rains too much to use the clothesline regularly.

That is when having a nice big clothes horse comes in handy.  Having managed for years with a really small airer, I recently bought the biggest one I could find at my local hardware store.

Made by Hills, my new airer holds a whopping 22 metres of laundry, just perfect for our family of six.  With the money saved from not using the dryer, the airer should pay for itself in no time.

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