Food Gardener Lesson #1: Only Grow Things You Like to Eat

When I enthusiastically planted a couple of rows of turnips last autumn I was ignoring one of the fundamental rules of backyard food growing: Never plant anything that you don't like to eat.

It seemed a good idea at the time.  Immersed as I was in Nella Last's war diaries, I had visions of adding crisp slices of turnip to winter stews, soups and Cornish pasties.

What I forgot is that I dislike the taste of turnips.  Moreover, despite several attempts, I have been unable to inspire a love of turnips in my family.

My friend Lisa has generously taken some of the turnips, and others have been given away at the monthly food swap I attend.  But what to do with the rest?  I need the garden space for other things.

Yesterday afternoon I offered the turnips to my local Facebook friends, however (perhaps not surprisingly) none took up the offer.

As a last resort I might dig them up, boil them, and feed them to the chooks.  Let's hope I don't end up with turnip-flavoured eggs!

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