My Experiences Going Shampoo-Free

I am constantly trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by my household and one particular area of concern is shampoo and conditioner bottles.  Although they can be recycled, I would prefer not to create the need for recycling, if possible.

At various times I have tried several different methods of cleaning my hair without shampoo.  In this post I will describe the methods I have used and how successful I have found them.

My Hair
I have fairly thick, shoulder-length, straight, auburn hair.  It is not dyed (yet).  I usually only wash and blow-dry my hair without adding any extra products - the exception is if I'm heading out to a special event.

Method 1: Baking Soda and Diluted Vinegar
One method often mentioned is to wash with baking soda (bicarb. soda) mixed with warm water and then rinse with diluted vinegar.  While this method is inexpensive and leaves my hair feeling clean, it also makes my hair feel limp and flat.  The vinegar smell can be off-putting.

Method 2: Homemade Soap with a Diluted Vinegar Rinse
This one doesn't work for me at all.  My hair feels sticky and limp and the vinegar odour is unpleasant.  I went out for dinner last Saturday night having washed my hair this way and it felt horrible all night.

Method 3: A Commercial Shampoo Bar
I didn't know these existed until a week ago.  On Monday I bought a Godiva bar from Lush and have used it three times so far.  According to the store it should last for six months if I wash my hair every second day.

So far I love this product.  It smells divinely of jasmine and leaves my hair shiny and knot-free.  Only a tiny amount is used with each wash.

The Godiva bar comes unpackaged but I bought the silver tin below to store it in, largely so that it doesn't get mistaken for ordinary soap.
    No Poo?
    The theory is that if you don't wash your hair for six weeks it will reach an equilibrium where it stays clean all by itself.  Regrettably, this is not a method I am prepared to try.  I am simply too vain to go out looking greasy and I dislike the feeling of itchy, oily hair. 

    The Verdict
    I am keen to keep using the Godiva bar, although I would be happy to try other products in the Lush range.  Eventually I would like our household to be free of bottled shampoo, although at present my other family members are sceptical (to say the least).

    Have you ever tried going shampoo-free?  What worked or didn't work for you?

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