Vacation - Cedar Point

Today is the day for Cedar Point!  Woohoo!  The kids were so excited, they had checked out the website and knew exactly what they wanted to ride on.  We wake up, jump out of bed, only to discover that it is raining.  Not just raining - pouring.  Buckets.  Clearly not Cedar Point weather.  We had storms the previous evening but was hopeful that the rain would end. 

We brought the laptop but the internet wasn't working in the room much to our frustration.  So we were unable to check the weather the night earlier.  No, we don't have internet on our phones.  We're such hicks. 

Fortunately, the rain subsided around the noon hour and after a delicious lunch at Perkins, we were ready for Cedar Point. 

The excitement grew as we found Lake Erie and the bridge to Cedar Point.  The kids loved seeing the park from the distance!

The rain was gone but it was hot.  And humid.  Very, very hot and humid.  We were barely in the park and were already downing our waters and sweating.  Not far into the park, they had a water play area that refreshed us right up.  The kids rode a bunch of roller coasters and were having a blast.  We were heading toward the water park, Soak City but needed refreshment first.

My kids love snow cones so were excited to see these ginormous snow cones.  I'm not a fan at all but needed the ice to cool down so even I had some!

The kids had a blast on the slides. I'm always amazed how many times they can climb up and down those stairs!  I enjoyed my book while watching them slide.  

I did enjoy the wave pool and the pool with the floating things.  My kids love climbing on the snakes and alligators.  With it so hot, this was quite refreshing!

Both the boys got souvenir balls to play with. 

After Soak City, the heat had subsided and the humidity went away and it was much more comfortable.  Amazing what a change it was from a few hours earlier. 

It was time for more roller coasters!

See that roller coaster train, way, way up there?  Yea, that's my family up there.  Top Thrill Dragster shoots you like 120 mph up about 420 feet and then lets you drop straight down.  No way was I going to go on that. I was fine, safe on the ground, taking pictures while my family plummeted down this roller coaster.  They waited in line for about 45 minutes and I think the whole ride lasted about 45 seconds. Or less.

We finished off the night with a show called Luminosity.  My daughter loves amusement park shows and was excited to see this.  I wasn't sure about the boys but it turned out to be a great show.  They played a lot of songs they knew (like every Katy Perry song in existence).  There were bright lights, flames and dancers all over the place.  It ended with a fantastic fireworks show (can you guess which Katy Perry song was playing?)  I really recommend this show if you are able to make it.

Back to the hotel and off to a new location tomorrow!

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