Vacation - New York City

I gotta say, I was so, so scared about driving in New York City. Well, actually, it wouldn't be me driving. I'm leaving the driving up to my husband.  I'll be the one in the passenger seat white knuckling the map!   Up until now it's been smaller towns and easy directions via  GPS and Mapquest.  Now it gets tough.  We drove down to Brooklyn to take in the tour of the world headquarters. It was supposed to be about a 2 hours drive. After a late start and many rain storms, we arrived much later than desired.  It took forever to get over the Brooklyn Bridge.  How cool is it that we were ON the Brooklyn Bridge!  But we made it! I swear, as soon as we parked, both my husband and I sighed in relief.

The tour of the headquarters was fantastic of course and we were able to go with a special group and see some behind the scenes things that we normally would have missed.  I guess it paid to be late because these extra things were awesome!  This is the World Headquarters but what I loved is how simple the place is.  These are people who help this huge organization that still are humble enough to hold their meetings in dignified but simple conference rooms.  Nothing fancy all.  These buildings in Brooklyn have been the World Headquarters for about 100 years (I think).  They are right on the river and many of the offices have spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty and the city.

After the tour, we walked around a bit and then waited for my husband to pick us up. It was hot and we were too lazy to walk to the parking garage.  Right in front of us, a cop pulls up and starts to write out a ticket on a car for parking.  I thought it was kinda cool to see a New York cop writing a ticket. Yes, we're tourists! Better yet when the guy came running up to try to get OUT of the ticket.  Here I am, in New York City, snapping pictures of this guy and the cop.  I thought it was pretty funny!

We stayed in New Jersey, just across the river. The America's Best seemed kinda scummy and the lobby and elevator were very stinky but the rooms were awesome!  Biggest room we've had and we had a pull out couch.  It was very clean too.  Don't judge a book by it's cover!

The next morning we were off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a tour, The Woman and the Seed.  It was about how the bible prophecies and history, through art, confirm findings and teachings in the bible.  This was an amazing tour.  Chris, our tour guide was wonderful and we learned so much.  There were things in this ancient Egyptian art that I never would have caught if it wasn't for this tour.  Then of course, we all posed for a picture in front of a pagan temple. Nothing like getting your picture taken in front of a pagan temple!!  They did ask that we not post any pictures though so I'll have to keep all the art pictures for myself.

Right at the front of the museum, there was a large room with a bunch of Roman statues.  Most were heads and nude statues. Our tour didn't discuss this room but as it was in front, we ended up walking through it several times.  My son at one point finally asked, "Mom, why do we keep having to go through the hall of naked people?!"

We ate lunch at The Met cafe.  We spent $83!  It was almost funny! We couldn't bring drinks in there so we were all very thirsty and dry.  So 3 sandwiches, 5 fruits, 1 order of chicken tenders and fries, 5 drinks and a cupcake from Crumbs was $83. Only in New York! 

We walked around Central Park for awhile after The Met. It was super hot and humid but we weren't going to miss the opportunity to see Central Park!  We thought about walking across the The Museum of Natural History but it was getting late and the kids were tired, hot and hungry.

While we didn't go to the Museum of Natural History, I still snapped a picture from the car. 

Tomorrow?  Back towards home through Pennsylvania!

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