Beans with a History

Way back in the late 1950s an Italian man from Calabria brought bean seeds to Adelaide to start a vegetable garden in his new country.  Since then, every year, he, his children, then grand children, and now great grandchildren, have faithfully planted the descendants of that first batch of seeds.

Today I was given some of those bean seeds by the Italian gentleman's great granddaughter Sandra, who works with me.

Sandra says the beans are snake beans, and must not be allowed to grow too big or they lose their tenderness.

She told me that her great grandfather also brought persimmons and figs to Australia, which have since become persimmon and fig trees that appear in many of the family's gardens.

I feel honoured to have been given these seeds, and look forward to planting them, watching them grow, and hopefully saving some seeds to pass down to future generations of my own family.

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