Flinders Ranges

Our family has spent the past few days enjoying a holiday in the breathtaking Flinders Ranges over 400km north of Adelaide.

The Ranges are both immensely beautiful and very, very dry, even in early spring.  Empty, desolate farmhouses bear witness to the difficulties farming in this harsh, isolated environment.

A striking feature of the Flinders Ranges is the Aboriginal rock paintings on many of the cliffs.  Also in evidence are many wild emus, kangaroos and parrots.

We only got a taste of the Flinders Ranges in our short holiday and I would love to go back to experience more.


Aboriginal artwork at Arkoola

baby emus

And with their mother

On the way home we visited Port Germein, a small seaside town that was once the chief wheat port in South Australia.  The town has the longest wooden pier in Australia, about a mile long.  Walking along the pier was a great break from hours of driving.

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