My first daycare child arrives bright and early at 5:25 in the morning.  Wait, it's not bright at all. In fact, it's pitch dark.  It feels like the middle of the night when the alarm goes off at 5:01 every morning. 

I am not a morning person.

He is a good little boy and we get to sit and snuggle for almost 2 hours before the other kids come and my kids wake up.  I always wake up cold, so we'll snuggle up with my electric blanket and of course, I need something warm to drink.   Andy will drink his cup of milk while I drink my hot apple cider, tea or latte.  This time of season, pumpkin lattes are my favorite!

Need to warm up it the mornings??  Here are some at-home latte recipe ideas and inspiration, check out these links:

Nine-Nutrient Boost:

Morning Pick-Me-Up:

Ooh La Latte:

So while we're snuggling under the warm blanket with our drinks, we listen to music and read blogs.  I have a playlist of Andy's favorite songs and I have a list of my favorite blogs. The folks at by @MilkMustache asked me to share who some of my favorite morning reads are.

My Bizzy Kitchen

Veronica's Cornucopia

Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Finding Joy in My Kitchen

Just Roni

Making Memories...

Pam's Midwest Kitchen

I actually have a whole bunch of blogs that come through my email and I so try to read as many as possible but there just isn't enough time. These are the ones that I frequent the most and try to comment on.  It's nice when you have reliable people who post regularly, as you read their blogs, you get to know them a bit and it's a little bit like waking up to friends. 


Entry 1 - You can win a Latte Love gift package.  Check out the Milk Mustache Campaign's facebook page for some awesome breakfast ideas.   Let me know which recipe on their page that you think you'd like. 

Entry 2 - Tweet how much you love lattes!  Follow @MilkMustache on Twitter and tweet with @MilkMustache and #LatteLove.  Come on back and leave another comment letting me know that you tweeted!

Entry 3 - Look to the right and LIKE my facebook page.  Leave a comment on the facebook post letting me know you're a follower!!  And feel free to give me any latte recipes that you know!!

I'll pick a winner Monday morning while warming up with MY latte!

Latte photo from EileenRose

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