Oranges and Carrots

The carrots and oranges in my garden are both ready for picking right now, which makes for some very orange-coloured - but tasty - snacks.

Home-grown carrots smell completely different, and somehow more carroty, than commercial carrots, and sometimes grow in weird and twisted shapes. The fun of digging up carrots is that you can't tell whether you have a monster or a beauty until it's out of the ground.

I have had mixed success growing carrots in the past.  However, this year I dug the soil over deeply, mixed through a tray of worm castings and voila, a few months later my best crop ever.

Our orange tree, is a magnificent specimen which bears masses of fruit each year.  The oranges look ripe in July but are lip-puckeringly sour until September.  At the moment they are deliciously sweet and juicy and we raid the tree every few days (with a ladder, now that the lower fruit has been picked).

The local possums enjoy my oranges too, but there are plenty to share.

What are you harvesting at the moment?

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