Omelet with Fresh Veggies - 17 Day Diet - Day 3

In an effort to lose weight,  I have started The 17 Day Diet.  I don't believe that there is one diet that works better than another. I do however believe that if you want to lose weight, you have to have a plan to follow.  There are many, many good plans out there, this just happens to be the one that I chose.  For the first 17 days it is basically high protein, lots of veggies, no sugar and low carbs.  I do get to eat fruit though. I don't think that I would go on a diet that wouldn't let me eat fruit.  It's only this strict for the first 17 days.  I need strict for awhile, my diet has been horrible and I'm excited to have a plan again.

Actually, it's really not that hard.  It really is similar to how I eat anyways.  The only carbs I am missing is the beans on my salad for lunch and a sweet potato for dinner. 

Omelets are one of my favorite breakfasts. I make them for the kids all the time so I've become a pro.  I often use Egg Beaters instead of real eggs.  The Egg Beaters are harder to flip and make into a pretty omelet though.  I often just have a "scramble" because it's easier.
One tip I have for a fast breakfast is to chop all your veggies ahead of time and keep them in a baggie on the refrigerator.  This makes life so, so, so much easier in the morning.  Peppers and onions are the basics for me, I always have those.  Today I had some broccoli and some leftover green beans from last nights dinner. I also had some tomatoes in a pico sauce that I threw in there.  Great way to clean out the frig!  You can throw any veggies you want in there.  I just chop them fairly small and toss them all together. 

I throw them in a pan and saute them for 2 - 3 minutes.  Then I dump my egg mixture over the top of it all.  If you're lucky, after a few minutes you'll be able to flip this baby over and cook the other side.  Otherwise you might just end up stirring it all up. 
My daughter likes me to cook the egg first and then put the sauteed veggies on half of it and then just fold it over.  This involves an extra step of taking the veggies out of the pan to put the egg in there.  I'm all about cutting steps, so I just throw it all together.  Hers is neater though.  :-)
Day 3 - 17 Day Diet Menu Plan
Veggie Omelet
Buffalo Chicken Salad
Veggie Omelet Recipe
There really is no exact recipe. 
Throw a bunch of chopped raw veggies into a baggie or container in the refrigerator.  Add to eggs or egg whites as desired. I like to top mine with just a bit of sour cream.

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