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I used to laugh at my dad for buying in bulk.  He'd buy those enormous packages of toilet paper and store them in his closet.  I was seriously embarrassed.  Fast forward 25 years and now what am I doing?  Buying even MORE enormous packages of toilet paper and storing them in my closet.  Yea, now I understand.  I have 3 kids, a husband, a brother and a whole mess load of daycare kids to feed so we go through a lot of stuff here.  Sam's Club has been awesome and I shop there all the time! 

My daughter is obsessed with clipping box tops.  Seriously. She gets excited when we bring things home that have box tops.  She clips them and keeps them in her baggie until it time to mail them to her school.  We home school the kids but are still able to use them for K12. 

Do you clip Box Tops for Education?  

We buy a lot of cereal at Sam's Club.  General Mill's Honey Nut Cheerios is for sure a favorite around here.  My husband has a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios every morning.  While the kids like to mix it up and sometimes eat Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Cereal is big around here.  I am a huge coupon shopper and have found that the prices at Sam's Club for cereal are the cheapest.  Plus, my daughter gets to clip the box tops which make her super, duper happy.  

Some other products we buy at Sam's Club with Box Tops are Progresso Soup and Cottonelle wipes and toilet paper. She tears those Box Tops off right away when we get those in here.  

Here are some box tops offers that Sam's Club is offering. 

  • New Plus Members will receive 100 Bonus Box Tops.* (a $10 value to any BTFE participating school)
  • Upgrade your current Membership to a Plus Membership to receive 50 Bonus Box Tops.* (a $5 value to any BTFE participating school)
  • New Advantage or Business Members will receive 25 Bonus Box Tops.* (a $2.50 value to any BTFE participating school) 
*Offer valid only with original receipt of purchased membership taped to certificate. Only available in-club. Offers available to the first 50 new Plus Members at each club, to the first 100 members who upgrade to a Plus Membership at each club, and to the first 100 new Advantage or Business Members at each club.
Act now and take advantage of these Box Tops opportunities that Sam's Club has to offer. To find a Sam's Club near you, visit For a full list of Bonus Box Tops items, visit

 Sam's Club was kind enough to give me a $25 gift card to buy products with Box Tops.  With a family as large as mine, this is extremely nice to have.  Any help is appreciated.  I would love for one of you to be able to get some help buying your General Mills products with box tops at Sams Club.  

Entry 1 - Leave a comment letting me know if you clip box tops and what some of your favorite products are?

Entry 2 - Visit Sam's Club on Facebook and like them! Come back and leave a comment after.

Entry 3 - Follow Sam's Club on twitter!  Come back and leave a comment after.

"Disclosure: I have received gift cards, and the information contained herein from Sam's Club and General Mills through MyBlogSpark."

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