Turkey Lettuce Wraps - 17 Day Diet - Day 10

We tend to eat a lot of sandwiches around here.  I've made sandwiches with gluten free bread but find that they aren't the greatest.  This month I'm avoiding bread altogether.  While I've made lettuce wraps before, I'm finding I'm using them a great deal more without bread or tortillas.  My daughter LOVES these.  She said, "These taste just like sandwiches!".  Righto chicky, they do! 
Be careful when choosing turkey. Many of the sliced turkeys are super high in sodium.  Find one that is low sodium and you'll be much better off.

Day 10 - 17 Day Diet Menu Plan

Egg Whites with Salsa
Stir Fry Chicken & Veggies


Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Sliced turkey, 4 oz.
Tomato, chopped
Cucumbers, chopped
Green onions, sliced
Lettuce leaves

Carefully remove the outer leaves of lettuce from the head of lettuce.  Place turkey, cucumbers, tomato and a few snips of green onions on lettuce leaves.  Enjoy 

Feel free to add a bit of light ranch dressing but we enjoyed these just as they were.

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