Back from a Blogging Break

Walking from Middleton to Port Elliot, January 2013
I realised that I hadn't blogged for a long time when I logged into my Blogger account today and discovered 76 spam comments awaiting moderation.

I deleted the whole lot and now feel ready for a fresh start.

Anyhow, here's a brief update on life at our red house.

I'm still working four days a week and juggling family life, the house and garden, and a range of other commitments.  Life is busy but fun. 

In 2012 my eldest son finished school with a fantastic ATAR (Australian tertiary admission rank) and a merit (perfect score) in physics. He will begin university in March, doing a double degree in electrical/electronic engineering and mathematical/computer sciences.  At this stage he plans to major in maths.

My daughter is 16 and in year 11.  She combines a part-time job, schoolwork and a very active social life with apparent ease.

My second son is in year 9 and enjoys sailing and debating.  Tomorrow he will compete in his first regatta as skipper.

Finally, my youngest is nine and the most cheerful, happy young fellow you could ever meet.  He is a joy to us all.

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