Got Milk Breakfast Blitz

Hey, go get that milk jug out of the refrigerator and dig a couple of them out of the recycling bin and get the UPC's! Enter this Breakfast Blitz sweepstakes and you could help your local school and possibly win 2014 Superbowl Tickets.  Then go knock on the neighbors door and get their UPC for their milk.  I know, they'll think you're strange but it's for the schools!  Plus, you could win this adorable breakfast basket! Did you see those cow slippers?  I think it's worth it, just for that.

Head on over with your milk UPC and enter the sweepstakes HERE.  After you've registered your UPS, you'll see a link to either share with facebook or share with twitter.  Choose one or both!  Come on back and leave a comment letting me know you did and you'll be all set!  I'll pick a winner after the weekend is up!

o        The “Tackle Your Day” breakfast basket will include:

§         Spilt milk bowl

§         Spoon straw

§         Tackle Your Day Challenge Chart

§         Milk Mustache Magnet

§         Cow slippers

§         Mustache glasses

§         Breakfast Project Recipe Cards

There’s no purchase necessary. See rules for official details, enter here:

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