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Have you ever heard of the restaurant Noodles?  We've been there several time over the last few years and love it.  This last summer, I went there with a bunch of girls and I ordered the Backyard BBQ Salad.  I LOVED it and kept wanting to go back and get another.  It's out of season now but I hope it comes back this summer.
February is also actually heart disease awareness month. Although you don't always think of pasta being the healthiest meal option: A great pasta option that's recommended for a heart-healthy diet is whole wheat pasta. To offer you a heart-healthy pasta option, Noodles serves whole wheat linguine. It's featured in their Whole Grain Tuscan Linguine.

I went with the salad last summer because I'm trying to eat gluten free now. Well, when I explored their website last week, I found out that you can sub rice noodles for regular noodles. 
I was skeptical if they'd actually be good.  Uh, they were awesome.  The picture above shows the Penne Rosa with chicken with the rice noodles. The portion was huge, my daughter Danielle and I split it.  It was super flavorful and it had just a little zip to it.  Perfect!

We also shared the Spinach and Fresh Fruit Salad.  We weren't quite as impressed by the salad.  There wasn't much dressing and all the chunks just fell to the bottom.  My friend has tried the Med Salad and loves it.
Hubs got the Japanese pan noodles and loved them. I'm pretty sure he always gets these. He's not much for change. The portion was huge again. It might not look so huge in the picture but there are a LOT of noodles here! 

My oldest son Jacob ordered the Mac and Cheese. This is certainly one of the higher calorie items on the menu but he's 13, he can handle it. He's pretty picky with his food but he loved this and said it had a ton of cheese, which he loves.
Jory stuck to his usual.  Spaghetti and Meatballs.  He pretty much orders Spaghetti and Meatballs wherever he goes.  He did say that this spaghetti ranked right up there with his favorite.  Pretty high marks for a 10 year old boy who has tried many, many dishes of spaghetti in his short lifetime.

 Noodles & Company' has a new "menu map" online, that helps customers navigate menu choices that are available for 500 calories or less. You can check it out here:
Noodles is letting me give one of my readers, 2 free bowls of pasta or salad. I just gave you a few of the many, many Noodles choicesCheck out their website and find all the tasty, healthy choices they have.  Come on back and leave a comment letting me know which dishes sound awesome to you. 

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